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Ismail Issa
Issa is Forbes award winner & digital transformation consultant, with over 15 years between leading technology teams, startups/entrepreneurial management, solutions architecture of enterprise solutions, in Crypto, Startups, GovTech, BioTech & Teleco. Issa is also the CEO of SKChain Advisors.
Floris Bartels
Floris began his online marketing career at Yahoo! Since 2017, he has been an active consultant/ advisor to various blockchain startups. that helped him building a strong network of partners globally. Floris expertise comes on go-tomarket strategies. Floris is also a partner of SKChain Advisors on the marketing front.
Barek Sekandari
Founder & Chairperson
COO at the FantomFoundation, one of the prime blockchain projects in the space. Barek has been an Advisor to Clover,COTI Group, GoChain and FUSION Foundation. He is the Chairperson andFounder at SKCHAIN Advisors since 2019, a leading blockchain advisory with more than 55 high profile clients.
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